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Event date(s): 2012-Mar-06 (Tuesday)
Registration closes: 2012-Mar-05 (Monday)

"The Winds of Change" Professional Development Day

Location: Centurion Conference & Events Centre

March 6, 2012

Featuring the charismatic and humorous Chris Dancy!


Welcome to the itSMF NCR (Ottawa) 2012 Professional Development Day, designed to bring IT and ITSM professionals – practitioners, service providers and those who are just plain interested -- together to learn and to collaborate. Our hope is that this event will allow you to take back to the office practical information that you can apply within your own service management initiatives. This year’s theme, “The Winds of Change” provides insight into the Management of Change discipline and explores aspects of change within the Service Lifecycle.  

Join our growing community of ITSM professionals on March 6th, 2012 to “Learn, Collaborate, and Apply” proven ITSM leading practices. Seating is limited so don’t wait, register today!

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  Keynote Speaker: 

Chris Dancy –

Chris Dancy been working in IT support for 20 years with experiences ranging from help desk level 1,  service desk manager, ITSM process consultant, software product manager, executive corporate  marketing and entrepreneur.  Most people know Chris as @servicesphere on twitter and as the host of the US edition of ITSM weekly, the podcast, syndicated to 30,000 listeners monthly.  His name and avatar are synonymous with social media for IT, edutainment and his futuristic visions for IT. An agent provocateur who lives 15 minutes in the future, brace yourself, you’re about to be awoken!

Session Title: Mobility, Big Data and the Coming Singularity.

The impact of "big data" in the cloud on the enterprise, users' perceptions of support and how support will evolve to use techniques to analyze the data to eventually support precognitive issues. We are living in the future; our devices can see, talk and translate the world around us. Our instant link to knowledge means children today have access to more data than physicians of fifteen years ago. In a single day in 2011 more data is created on the web than in the years spanning 1995 to 2000. Soon, navigating the streams of this "big data" will become a skill set that every IT professional will need. Before the end of this decade users and enterprises will be exposed to precognitive news and events. How will supporting this virtual time travel change the way you interact with risk, governance and the steady footing that IT has had until this point? This session will redefine your feelings about IT, technology and your future.


Ken Cochrane – KPMG

Mr. Cochrane is a Partner with KPMG Canada and the National co-Leader for IT Advisory Services focusing on Public Sector organizations. Mr. Cochrane has held a broad range of senior executive roles in and outside government that entailed the development of enterprise-wide and national strategies aimed at transforming both business and technologies well as following through to the execution and implementation of these initiatives. Mr. Cochrane has more than 20 years experience at the executive management level and has led both business and technology functions within private & public sector enterprises. His roles have included CIO of the Government of Canada, CEO for IT Shared Services, CIO for Canada Revenue & Customs and CIO for MetLife.

Session Title: The end of IT as we know it…AGAIN

There is a continuing – but accelerated – trend towards greater integration of devices within the consumer lifestyle and a rapid evolution of business models for those that enable them. The combined influence of these changes is having a dramatic effect on the role of IT in the enterprise. The core functions that comprise much of IT are being increasingly sourced outside traditional IT boundaries, which means an emphasis on different capabilities than was traditionally the case. The focus of this presentation is to highlight some of these revolutionary changes and their impact on IT.



Vernon Lloyd – Fox IT

Vernon has been in the IT service industry for nearly 40 years performing a variety of operational and management roles within many organisations, world-wide. He has worked for Fox IT for 20 years and is currently International Client Director. Vernon has delivered consultancy and training to numerous organisations in the public and private sectors and is recognised globally as an authority within the Service Management industry. Vernon is a senior examiner on the APMG ITIL Qualifications Group, past director of itSMF UK and past President of the Institute of IT Service Management. His contribution to Service Management was recognised by the itSMF, when they presented him with the prestigious “Paul Rappaport” lifetime achievement award and more recently the itSMF honoured him by making him a life vice president.

Session Title: Assessing for Improvement

As the author of the ITIL 2011 book “Continual Service Improvement”, Vernon will briefly outline the changes in the 2011 edition of Continual Service Improvement. He will look at assessment options and discuss the best way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of IT service provision. He will also discuss the creation and use of the CSI register in implementing improvements. Practical examples gained by assessing organizations against ITIL for over 20 years will be provided.

The session will cover the following:

  • A brief look at Continual Service Improvement 2011
  • Implementing or improving
  • Techniques for assessing the area of greatest need
  • Making the business case - look at Return On Investment
  • Prioritizing improvement initiatives using the CSI Register


Kelcy Benedict – Facilitation Plus Inc.

Kelcy Benedict is a Senior Change Management Consultant and Facilitator with over 18 years experience.  Her complementary background includes change management, facilitation, organizational design, operational management, training, and customer service.  Kelcy has worked in several Senior Change Management Roles over the past 10 years including Nova Scotia Departments of Health & Wellness, Education, Community Services as well as the private sector including Immigration Settlement and Integration Services, Emera, and Maritime Life. Kelcy has a keen understanding of human interaction and the change process; this enables her to navigate and understand complex change environments.   She is a skilful communicator and clients, peers, and professional colleagues often seek Kelcy out as a change coach and mentor.  She quickly understands organizational vision and challenges, and works with people to translate these into achievable strategies, plans, objectives, and goals. An accomplished speaker, Kelcy skillfully creates a safe and motivating environment for learning.

Session Title: Supporting Leaders to Facilitate Real Change

Two key lessons that Kelcy lives by in her work as a change management consultant and facilitator are: 1) you can’t delegate change leadership and 2) as a leader, you must be willing to allow yourself to be changed through the process of leading change. During this engaging meeting conversation she will share with you some of the important processes and tools that she uses as a consultant to support leaders leading change including: why facilitation is critical to engagement and change ownership, how to get out of the cycle of reactive change, and what type of roles and behaviour must you cultivate within your change project and organization to create sustainable change.



Troy DuMoulin – AVP Strategic Solutions, Pink Elephant

Troy DuMoulin is a leading ITIL and IT governance authority with a solid and rich background in Executive IT Management consulting.  Troy holds the ITIL Service Manager and Expert certifications and has extensive experience in leading IT Service Management (ITSM) programs with a regional and global scope. He is a frequent speaker at ITSM events and is a contributing author to multiple ITSM books, papers and official ITIL publications including ITIL’s Planning To Implement IT Service Management and Continual Service Improvement. Troy has also worked with the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) on COBIT 4.0 development and alignment with ITIL.

Session Title: Managing Change Through An IT Operating Model

Re-Discovering The Importance Of the IT Supply Chain and Increasing Speed To Value

As a trusted service provider IT is expected to receive business demand and efficiently translate that demand into outcomes their customers want. However, for most IT shops there is nothing remotely efficient about this critical task, in fact quite the contrary! From this perspective, the mapping and improvement of the Enterprise IT operating model and its underpinning management processes which flow through both the development and operations groups must be a key focal point of Continual Service Improvement (CSI).   This session will look at the critical success factors and management of change tasks related to people, process and partner challenges caused by a technology/silo focused culture and how ITSM principles and structures enable enterprise value flow.



Simon King – BMC Software

Simon King is Director Product Management, Service Support Business and regarded as a thought leader and innovator in the software industry, King directs Product Management for BMC's Remedy product line and evangelizes BMC's Business Service Management vision and strategy. Previously, King was Director of Strategy for the Remedy product line. He was involved in the Version 7 release of BMC IT Service Management, and subsequently led the acquisition of Service Management Partners' Process Model for Remedy ITSM. Prior to BMC, King has served as Senior Director Product Management at SupportSoft, VP of Product Management and Product Marketing and Director of Technical Support and Quality Assurance at BroadVision. He has also held Quality Assurance positions at Borland Interactive (now Inprise), Mentor Graphics, Siemens SDG, and Mars Electronics.

Session Title: Service management maturity, implications on tooling and outcomes

As we’re all now learning Service Management is a journey – not just a project. To fully maximize the value of best practice processes we need to make progressive changes that lay down basic capabilities in IT that we can then build on. This session will discuss opportunities that existing your organization to improve service delivery while minimizing costs by progressively raising the bar on what things are done, when they’re done and how they’re done. It will consider what role tools can play in this activity – and how the right metrics can speed you on your way.



Paul Swider - EasyVista

Paul Swider has been in the IT Service Management industry for over a decade working with companies and IT Service Management vendors such as Magic Solutions, FrontRange Solutions, BMC, HP, CA, Axios Systems, and EasyVista. Before becoming a Senior Pre-Sales Solution Consultant , Paul was an IT Director at Time Warner after serving as a Service Desk Manager for EDS for a number of years.

Understanding the many challenges enterprise organizations faced early on in his career, Paul realized that his organization could only overcome their challenges through a standard IT Process and IT Governance. This led Paul to become ITIL Foundations certified in 2001. Currently ITIL Version 3 certified, Paul continues his ITIL education today and is working toward his ITIL Service Manager / ITIL Expert Certification at EasyVista.

Session Title: Agility and the power to manage change

Being agile enough to respond to the constant changes across business and organizations is critical to achieving IT service management success factors. During this session, we’ll discuss essential practices, processes, tools and measurement to consider empowering IT managers to manage change with shorter time to market, flexibility, predictability and visibility.



Diane Colbeck and Katherine Tierney – DIYmonde Solutions

Diane Colbeck, President of DIYmonde Solutions Inc., an ITSM innovation company, has over 15 years experience in the practical application of IT Service Management (ITSM) best practice. Over the years, Ms. Colbeck has specialized in helping both government and private sector organizations within Canada and internationally, utilizing her strengths as a coach and mentor, attain organizational improvement through the implementation of IT management processes and techniques based upon those described in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Ms. Colbeck is also an accredited IT Service Management instructor and an ISO 20000 accredited Consultant/Manager. She holds the v2 Manager's Certificate in IT Service Management with a mark of Distinction as well as having been awarded v3's 'ITIL Expert' qualification. In addition Ms. Colbeck holds the Master Practitioner certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).



Katherine Tierney has over 15 years experience supporting organizations and individuals to achieve specific personal or professional results, through learning development and the creation of strategies that work. Ms. Tierney has worked with both government and private organizations within Canada and internationally. In the last 7 years she has focused on the field of ITSM (ITIL), working to support both private and public sector organizations engaged in implementing processes and practices centered on the guidance in the ITIL. Katherine currently holds the v2 Manager's Certificate in ITSM, v3 'ITIL Expert' qualification, and the Practitioner certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).


Session Title: Communication and the Art of Powerful Questions

Your job as a modern Service Management leader is increasingly complex. The rate of change needed to keep up with business demands is intense and increasing all the time. Service life cycles are compressed, markets are more competitive, and technology shift is continuous. The pressure to execute under stress is unyielding. The management of change and effective communication are fundamentals at the heart of your improvement efforts.

Communication is key to achieve the results organizations are looking for. Questions are at the core of how we listen, behave, think and relate - both to ourselves and others - whether personally or professionally. Almost everything we think and do begins with a question. The ability to ask the right questions at the right time creates opportunities for just-in-time communication. Powerful questions can help move us to a new height of effectiveness. They allow us to see new perspectives, opening up awareness and potential. How we communicate with ourselves shapes the way we communicate with others - and what we say matters little compared to how we say it. We are always communicating through tone of voice, actions, facial expressions, gestures and body language. Even no communication is communication. Maximizing your personal success - at work and elsewhere - is driven by your ability to communicate well. Thinking your way out of frustrating or unproductive situations and creating more positive, effective and satisfying outcomes begins with choosing the right questions.

During this engaging presentation Diane and Katherine will share important aspects of communication with you: how we communicate with ourselves and how that affects our communication with others; how we make sense of the world around us and the behaviours we show as a result of our interpretations; how we can choose what we do in reaction to people and events, versus holding others responsible for our achievements and feelings; and how empowering questions can create positive and satisfying outcomes by opening up awareness and possibility.



Lorn Campbell – G2G3

Session Title: Polestar ITSM in Action

G2G3 is the leading provider of communication tools, gaming solutions and simulations that propel enterprise IT and business alignment.

This highly-interactive simulation is a high-impact, energetic way to accelerate understanding and acceptance of service management concepts such as ITIL V3. Facilitated in the fast world of global on-line retail, Polestar ITSM brings to life the service management, cultural and process issues faced by organizations and encourages strategic partnership between IT and the business. This is done through a realistic, exhilarating scenario to which participants can directly relate to and have actual experience of.

Normally delivered over 5 rounds, the Polestar simulation uses gaming dynamics to mirror the real world interaction between IT and the business, from both a strategic and operational perspective. The simulation structure is designed to reflect the entire service management lifecycle as defined by ITIL V3. Participants progress through the rounds, increasing operational maturity and gaining a holistic understanding of quality service management as they go. In addition, the simulation experience continues between rounds through defined service transition phases which require the participants engagement in planning for strategic and operational continuous service improvements.

 Julia Chapelle - Loyalist Certification Services

Julia Chapelle, is the Director of Loyalist Certification Services (LCS); an ITIL® Examination institute providing examination services in related ITSM products globally.
Her leadership and commitment to the ITSM community is apparent in the growth of LCS and her continual effort to support the integrity of ITIL® in the market place.
Julia’s extensive knowledge and friendly demeanour make her a popular speaker and advisor at itSMF events.

Session Title: Differences between ITIL V3 and Current Version 2011

This session will provide unique insight valuable to both Training Organizations and Trainers about "what has changed" from v3 to 2011. Other topics to be covered include:

  • What is trending with the ITSM community?
  • What is the biggest threat to anyone invested in the ITIL scheme?
  • What is the data indicating about the current state of ITIL exams?

Additionally Julia will provide insight into the future of the scheme based upon her knowledge as one of the few who sit on the ITIL Qualifications Board.



Martha Wenc – Jazz Aviation LP

Martha Wenc is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean trainer, Meyers Briggs facilitator, and ITIL Service Manager with years of process development contribution in commercial aviation. Relatively new to the world of information technology, in 2008, Martha was assigned to develop and strengthen the service management processes of Jazz's Information and Communication Services group. Martha and the Jazz team have introduced ITIL to the organization and instituted a toolset that has moved the organization significantly forward in its ITIL Service Management maturity.

Session Title: Jazz's ITSM Journey

This session will outline the journey that Jazz has taken into the world of IT Service Management leveraging from many complimentary methodologies. Jazz has been able to achieve a significant turnaround in customer satisfaction and service quality by simply starting with Incident and Change and implementing the ITIL basics. As ITIL alignment is more clearly entrenched as a multi-year initiative managing change becomes increasingly important to ensuring success.



David Mainville – Consulting Portal Inc.

David is a 33-year ITSM veteran with a unique and practical perspective on Service Management. As a Field Engineer David was on the front line of Service Operations. As a Customer Service Manager he developed a knack for the customer facing processes. As a Solutions Architect he designed and deployed Systems Management solutions. As the CEO & co-founder of Consulting-Portal he has built an ITSM consulting practice and has architected and launched an innovative SAAS based Process Management Software product.

David is a frequent speaker at ITSM conferences, as well as on webinars and podcasts, where he promotes the practical side of ITSM. David’s ITSM articles have been published on a variety of industry websites and magazines.

David lives in Toronto Canada with his wife Tonga and their two Jack Russell terriers Al and Savvy. He enjoys running, cycling, camping along with practicing his Bass Guitar and Drums.

Session Title: Selling (Building) the Case for IT Service Management

Building the business case for ITSM should be a piece of cake – right? WRONG!

I mean, isn’t it obvious that a well architected Service Management program can streamline operations, improve customer service and reduce cost? Just because you and I “get it” doesn’t mean its as obvious to everyone else – especially your senior management team. Management’s focus is on 1001 different things that are important to the business – and rightfully so. In order to get their attention, support and buy in you have to cut through the noise and raise the profile of your program. That means learning how to sell it. Join David Mainville, Consulting-Portal’s CEO and a 30 year customer service veteran, for a lively discussion on how to make service a cornerstone of your ITSM program.



So how much does it cost?

  Member Rate:  $100   Member Team Rate:  $80
  Non-Member Rate:  $150   Non-Member Team Rate:  $120


20% Team Discount: send a team of 3 or more and save 20% off the third and subsequent registrations. To register your team, send an email to and include your contact information, your team members and payment method.  We will work with you to register your team.

Energize your team! Attending our Professional Development Day is a great team building experience. Bring your IT management team, executive sponsors, project managers, and process owners. About 70% of attending organizations send multiple attendees to ITSM events to ensure maximum benefit from the comprehensive multi-track programs.

Terms and Conditions:

Fees & Payment: itSMF NCR must receive full payment or an approved Purchase Order (PO) with each registration. Your place is not confirmed until full payment or PO is received.

Cancellations: You can cancel and receive a refund up until February 24, 2012. All cancellations must be received and confirmed by itSMF NCR. A 10% handling charge will apply. No refunds after February 24, 2012. Substitutions permitted.


Centurion Conference & Event Center  
170 Colonnade Road  South
Ottawa, Ontario K2E 7J5

              • free parking

              • OC Transpo Route 3




A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors!




Keynote Sponsor:


ServiceNow: ServiceNow helps organizations transform the way IT delivers business value to end-users. Born in the cloud in 2004, was the first to offer IT Management software as a service (SaaS). The company continues to turn the $14 billion IT operations market on its head with ongoing product and services innovations. Today, ServiceNow is recognized as the fastest growing vendor in its market offering intuitive, social and flexible IT management services at a fraction of the price of the legacy software players. The company's highly-satisfied customer base, which is doubling year over year, trust ServiceNow to provide the IT 3.0 platform that visionary CIOs depend on to transform their businesses.



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BMC Software: Business runs better when IT runs at its best. That’s why more than 15,000 IT organizations – from the Global 100 to the smallest businesses – in over 120 countries rely on BMC Software to manage their business services and applications across distributed, mainframe, virtual and cloud environments. With the leading Business Service Management platform, Cloud Management, and the industry’s broadest choice of IT management solutions, BMC helps customers cut costs, reduce risk, and achieve business objectives. For the four fiscal quarters ended September 30, 2011, BMC revenue was approximately $2.2 billion.



Gold Sponsors:


DIYMonde: Central to the DIYmonde philosophy is the company name. The core belief is that, although taking specialist advice is usually a very sensible option for any organization seeking to improve its performance, this is essentially a ‘Do It Yourself’ world. Our job is to educate, enthuse and sow the seeds of our experience so that difficult but achievable targets are set and all those who need to be engaged in the process of organizational change are. Our main focus is to provide custom solutions for corporate-wide awareness and skills management in IT Service Management and Governance. In particular, we specialize in IT Service Management (ITIL® and ISO/IEC 20000) planning, implementation and training including the envisioning, due-diligence, assessment, process-modeling and analysis, business-case development, design, implementation, measurement and optimization phases of managed services transition and IT transformation programs.



CTE Solutions: Organizations are constantly faced with changes in technology driven by business needs and technological advances. CTE Solutions helps meet this challenge by providing a flexible, personal approach to IT learning solutions. With CTE Solutions IM/IT professionals quickly obtain the knowledge and skills they need to reduce downtime, increase productivity and maintain uninterrupted services to internal and external clients. CTE Solutions delivers Accredited ITIL, TOGAF, COBIT, VMware, Certified Microsoft, Authorized Cisco, Authorized Novell, IT Security, Storage Area Networking (SAN), CompTIA, Java, Programming, Business Analysis, Business Skills for IT, Project Management, and SAP Training. CTE Solutions delivers - Training with IMPACT.



Consulting Portal Inc: At one time, IT was all about technology. For many in the industry, IT meant nothing more than software, code and a back room full of wires. Business and customer needs were really no more than a blip on the radar.

Times Have Changed: At Consulting-Portal, we specialize in all aspects of IT Service Management. Using best-practice frameworks like ITIL® v3 and COBIT®, we help you align your IT capabilities with the overall needs of your organization through streamlined, optimized business processes. We assess, design and implement robust IT processes using industry best-practices—giving you tangible, actionable solutions that produce truly significant results. And because we're vendor neutral, we'll help you choose exactly the right tools for your needs, regardless of manufacturer.



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Loyalist: Since 2001, we have delivered over 200,000 ITIL® exams in locations around the world.  As an independent examination institute, we provide neutral information and are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the exam process. Offering flexible solutions to meet your unique business needs, our services are available wherever your training takes place.  From vouchers to secure electronic exam distribution, we are responsive to the needs of our training partners and their learners. Committed to providing superior service, we have worked hard to obtain the trust that makes us the Examination Institute of choice for hundreds of training organizations globally.



Axios Systems: was founded in 1988 in response to the growing business importance of IT and the need for more reliable and cost-effective IT services. Led by Founder and CEO, Tasos Symeonides, Axios is an independent business, with a uniquely solid heritage and consistency of vision. Our 100% focus on IT Service Management gives us an edge when it comes to industry knowledge and expertise. Our experience is our strength, with a proven track record of delivering value to large organizations across the globe.

As a company, we’re big enough to deliver on our promises and small enough to care about our customers. We provide solutions, not just products, combining our award-winning assyst software with unparalleled industry expertise and a focus on delivering long-term value. That's why our customers stay with us for longer, with many customers benefiting from assyst for over 15 years.




Quint: Quint Wellington Redwood is a global, independent firm, specialized in organizing “world class” IT-management. We "Dare to Challenge" ourselves as well as our customers, to maximize organizational performance. Continuously developing and using the world's best people and best practices, we bring to your organization our unique "leverage based" approach. Through continuous worldwide development and deployment of knowledge and experience on IT-related organizational challenges, we are "thought leaders" and "practice leaders" at the same time. Providing both solution providers, as well as end-user organizations with the latest and best solutions in knowledge transfer and knowledge application for strategy & governance, sourcing and service management is how we contribute to the worldwide advancement of IT-management.



KPMGKPMG's Performance & Technology Services can help clients unlock new potential in their organization. By working at all points in the value chain, our advisers help organizations create strategies, organization designs, business processes and systems that can enhance performance and grow sustainable value.  Our clients include business corporations, governments, public sector agencies and not-for-profit organizations. They look to KPMG for a consistent standard of service based on high order professional capabilities, industry insight and local knowledge.



Kifinti: The Kifinti Solutions team of expert consultants have been delivering Support Centre solutions since 1983 and have been helping customers implement ITIL processes since 1999. We work with leading industry vendors to deploy, customize and integrate their solutions with just about every known ITSM supporting technology from network management to Knowledge management to HR to ERP.

  • ITIL Help desk, Incident, Problem, Asset, Change , SLA
  • Licence , Release Management
  • Security, Single sign-on
  • Network Infrastructure Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Customer Care / Customer Self Service
  • Customer Contact / Call Centre
  • Catalogue / Entitlement / Order Management
  • Case Management / Claims Management


Stroma: Our sole mission is to help IT departments make significant improvements in the cost, quality, and level of service they provide to the business. We achieve this by effectively combining people, partners and process with leading edge ITSM advanced software solutions. Our knowledge coupled with years of experience allows us to bring a blend of expertise and proven delivery capabilities to our clients that no other vendor can provide. We deliver our projects on time, on or under budget, and we exceed our customers’ expectations. Our after-service support is exceptional and focused around the principles of continuous service management.



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