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Service Management in the Digital Age
Professional Development and Educational Workshop Days

September 30, 2019 - October 1, 2019 | Ottawa, ON
Centurion - Conference & Events, 170 Colonnade Rd., Ottawa ON K2E7J5

Day 1:  September 30, 2019

7:30 – 8:00

Registration and Breakfast

8:00 – 8:30


Leslie Backman, President ITSMF Ottawa Gatineau
Welcome and Opening Remarks

Neal Kushwaha - Master of Ceremonies

8:30 – 9:30


Simon Gaiger, General Manager for Government for AWS Canada

Culture of Innovation

9:30 – 9:50



9:50 – 10:50

Laszlo Retfalvi
Retfalvi Associates

Leveraging Expertise – What every project team really needs to know about leadership

Tracy Fiander-Trask
Govt of Nova Scotia

Service Management: How reporting, client experience and service design is moving us towards a digitally enabled shared services vision for the future


11:00 – 12:00

John Carter
City of Ottawa

Wanted Dead or Alive:
ITSM in the Age of Evolving Technologies

Jason Souliere


ITSM Leading practices, Lessons learned and The Transition to Enterprise Service Management (ESM) to Achieve True Business Value

Claire Picken
Lockheed Martin

Managing/Leading from Within

12:00 – 12:45


12:45 – 1:45


Edward Pham, President, RealIT

How to Avoid the ITIL Money Pit

1:45 – 2:00




2:00  – 3:00

Nicole Conboy
Royal Bank of Canada

Changing Service Management at RBC

Colwyn Warner


Digital Service Management and Digital Cyber Security – Risk Mitigation in a Digital World


3:10 – 4:10

Jeff Piper

The Promises of ITIL Cannot be Realized if your ITSM Platform is Built on Sand

Kugi Usmani

AI and the Value of People

Vernon Lloyd
Somerset CC Ltd.

What is new in ITIL 4

4:15 – 5:30

Peer Connect

Come share a bite and have the opportunity to speak one on one with your peers.

Day 2 : October 1, 2019


Registration and Breakfast



Leslie Backman, President ITSMF Ottawa Gatineau
Welcoming and Opening Remarks

Neal Kushwaha - Master of Ceremonies


Roger Burlton, President, Process Renewal Group

Digitalized Processes: Optimizing the Customer Experience through Digital Analysis and Design







Steve Woodward
Cloud Perspectives

Public – Private – Community – Hybrid Clouds: 
What, Why & When

Teresa D’Andrea
Government of Canada

Canada’s Digital Backbone



Michael Seeger

Putting Service back in ITSM: 
Strategies to Improve your Customer and your Business


Vernon Lloyd
Somerset CC Ltd.

ITIL 4 What’s new and what have we lost





Miles Faulkner, Co-CEO, Blended Perspectives
Enterprise Service Management – The Landscape and ITIL4 in Context




Practitioner Forum

How to achieve success in a complex enterprise-wide Service Management implementation


Wrap Up & Closing Remarks

Leslie Backman, President ITSMF Ottawa Gatineau

Session description:

Culture of Innovation 

Speaker: Simon Gaiger

Session Description:  Customers often ask us how they can innovate like Amazon. From its humble beginnings as a startup in a garage, Amazon has not only innovated across e-commerce, but also introduced new businesses that seem unrelated to e-commerce. Over the years Amazon has gotten very good at taking hard problems and finding an easier way. AWS is a great example of that. We have taken something so central and specialized as operating a data center and pushed to the edges as a utility. When technology becomes a utility, it becomes ubiquitous, and more people can participate in innovation. This talk will discuss how Amazon organizes for innovation with its mechanisms, architecture, culture, and organization

Leveraging Expertise - What Every Project Team Really Needs To Know about Leadership

Session Title:  Laszlo Retfalvi

Session Description:  Very few initiatives today are simple and require little or no project management to guide them along. Those days are behind us. Today’s complex initiatives require true project management leadership to succeed. The Project Management Leadership ModeL¬© lays out the critical groundwork for creating outstanding Project Managers and High Performance Teams.  Based on extensive and practical industry experience, attendees will learn the four key components and associated attributes needed to achieve this highly sought-after level of personal and organizational performance.

Service Management: How reporting, client experience and service design is moving us towards a digitally enabled shared services vision for the future

Speaker: Tracy Fiander Trask

Session Description: In early 2015, the Province of Nova Scotia implemented a service management roadmap with a focus on client service, standardization and efficiency.  Five years later, the Province is maturing its service management practices by embracing ITIL IV, focussing on Digital Services, client experience, and service design.  In her presentation, Tracy will focus on how the redevelopment of the CMDB has resulted in stronger data modelling and asset tracking.  Tracy will also describe how strides towards operational and management reporting are driving process improvement and client experience.

Wanted Dead or Alive: ITSM in the Age of Evolving Technologies

Speaker: John Carter

Session Description: With the adoption of technology practices like DevOps and Agile, and with innovative advancements in areas such as AI and cloud computing, some believe that ITSM as a discipline has lost its relevance. In this session you will learn that despite the rumours, ITSM has never been so important as it helps usher in the rapid transformations that our current digital age is offering. In his presentation, John will highlight 10 technology trends that ITSM professionals have to be ready for, and will share the strategies that his organization is employing to ensure the future success of their ITSM program.

ITSM Leading practices, Lessons learned and The Transition to Enterprise Service Management (ESM) to Achieve True Business Value

Speaker:  Jason Souliere

Session Description:  As more and more organizations are moving towards a single, consumer grade employee experience, transition to ESM has become inevitable. The presentation covers the leading practices around IT Service management transformations and how to leverage it to automate business services across the enterprise - from IT, human resources, finance, procurement, marketing, facilities and beyond to achieve true business value.

Managing/Leading from Within

Speaker: Claire Picken

Session Description:  Many of today’s projects are complex and require skilled Project Managers, but not everyone can be the Project Manager.  In this session we will look at the value of teams, their members and team leads.  We will look at the value of leadership skills in a variety of technical and management areas.  We will also look at team dynamics and what makes a high performing team.

How to Avoid the ITIL Money Pit

Speaker: Edward Pham

Session Description:   ITIL is supposed to help organizations become more efficient in their IT operations. In reality, we have seen many organizations struggle with implementing solutions that promise this efficiency but never truly deliver. In fact, it is often quite costly and challenging for organizations to embark in this ITIL maturity seeking journey.

Evidence of this challenge can be seen in the organizations switching from on-premise deployment to SaaS or cloud-based offerings, and back, or in switching from one solution to another. Each cycle reversal can take five to ten years, incurring sizable costs related to software licenses, SaaS subscriptions, professional services, staff training, and on-going support and administration.

In this session, Edward will talk about the common challenges faced by all organizations, how to pragmatically deal with them, and how to avoid the common pitfalls that have plagued so many ITIL projects.

Changing Service Management at RBC

Session Title:  Nicole Conboy

Session Description:  It's not a straight line to the end when things keep changing!  The people, processes, technology and governance changed; as did the culture, focus and future for Service Management in this multi-year transformation for Canada's largest bank.  Join us to learn about the Royal Bank of Canada's Service Management journey and the value delivered to date. 

Digital Service Management and Digital Cyber Security – Risk Mitigation in a Digital World

Speaker: Colwyn Warner

Session Description:  Traditional security methods and practices cannot protect digitally transformed organizations. The very characteristics that define a digitally driven organization can also expose, intensify and hide the impact of successful security exploits. Organizations require digital solutions to keep ahead of the challenges posed by the complexities of operating in a digital world. Join us to learn how Emtec blends ITSM and digital Security capabilities to address the risks posed by the three dimensions – Scope, Scale and Pace - of digital operations.

The Promises of ITIL Cannot be Realized if your ITSM Platform is Built on Sand

Speaker: Jeff Piper

Session Description:  Buying an ITSM platform is like buying a new home.  The foundation is rarely the first thing we think about.  We start with the framework

and gather high-level needs then quickly start comparing homes.  But years later the “house” settles, and the walls begin to crack. 

This seems obvious right, but why then do so many ITIL/ITSM projects fail to include a foundation as part of their project?  The foundation is data that informs their processes/platforms about the very IT Infrastructure and the applications/services they support.  There is massive evidence to support that this is happening.  Consider the countless projects that have switched from on-premise to SaaS, and back, or from one platform to another.  And yet 5-6 years later are struggling to deliver on the promises made.

In this session, Jeff will talk about the ITSM foundation dilemma, best practices approach to building a solid foundation (traps to avoid), as well as key requirements/capabilities that ensure you will get results and deliver on the values that ITIL promises.

AI and the Value of People

Speaker: Kugi Usmani

Session Description:  AI is all around us, whether it’s with the watch suggestions on Netflix, Google’s commute prediction or Amazon’s product recomendations. We interact with AI on a consumer level everyday, yet it’s unfamiliar teritory when it comes to delivering IT services. On a Service Desk level, there’s unfamiliarity in what the future will hold for Service Desk staff. This session will examine what AI will mean for not just the front line of IT Service, but for all Support departments. Together we will review the application of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing in the service delivery experience. Further we will discuss how repetitive tasks can be reallocated in order to achieve departmental optimization and employee satisfaction.

What's new in ITIL 4

Speaker: Vernon Lloyd 

Session Description:  One of the main drivers for ITIL 4 was to make ITIL more relevant for the digital age.  The marketing message from AXELOS says it has been developed to help organizations connect and align challenges that affect not only ITSM professionals but a wider range of professionals working in the digital world.

This session will look at how this has been achieved and discuss the main structural changes from the 2011 version of ITIL.  Several elements have been carried forward from the previous versions of ITIL but at the same time, it has expanded the scope.  The session will look at the new structure of ITIL, the guiding principles and the use of the operating model to enable all the components and activities of an organization to work together to enable value creation.  The session will also explain the new qualification scheme and the expected launch dates for the various components. 

Digitalized Processes: Optimizing the customer experience through digital analysis and design

Speaker: Roger Burlton

Session Description:  The demand is skyrocketing for organizations to provide digitally enabled offerings for their customers and business users. Well-designed solutions are seamless and are in tune with customer expectations for the right service delivered through a simple, intuitive interface whenever and wherever they want. Digital, moreover, must be done in the context of an omni-channel world that can involve human and robotic agents, and cyber-based intelligent support interchangeably.

This does not mean that the need for sound analysis and design of the end-to-end experience has passed. Due to interconnectivity of all the actions and actors required it is needed even more to connect all the dots between our customers and our business operations. This is not a problem that ‘Agile’ development will solve by itself. It requires professional business architecture and integrated design. Renewed methods of process analysis and design must be tuned for a digital world. 

This session will deal with what degree of analysis and design work is required for today’s organizations striving to establish digital business capabilities to optimize the customer journey and leverage resources in the most effective manner.

      • The nature of digitalized processes
      • Customer in-command processes and solutions: Journeys and Experiences
      • Process Analysis for Digital Processes Innovation: How much do you really need?
      • Getting a grip on the data: It’s not happening without it
      • Digital Process Design and Solution Development

Public – Private – Community – Hybrid Clouds – What, Why and When?

Speaker: Steven Woodward

Session Description:  This one-hour interactive session explores the cloud deployment models and under what circumstances should you use which ones.

When does it make sense to combine deployment models?  How do deployment models map to service models?  How are compliance controls considered in conjunction with deployment models?

Understanding that constraining regulations can impact resiliency of cloud enabled IT solutions.

What are the service management considerations, given the deployment options? 

Canada’s Digital Backbone

Speaker: Teresa D’Andrea 

Session description:  What if Government services were so well integrated into citizen’s daily lives… they faded into the background. As the Government of Canada pushes the digital agenda, the Treasury Board Secretariat is busy setting the foundation to enable real-time data sharing, so that zero bureaucracy and invisible services can one day become a reality.

Putting SERVICE back in ITSM: Strategies to Improve Your Customer and Your Business Outcomes

 Speaker: Michael Seeger

Session Description:  The Service Desk is undergoing a transformation on several fronts, from the introduction of ITIL 4, the consumerization of IT, and pressure to embrace Customer Satisfaction and Experience metrics, beyond traditional SLAs. The fact is, IT is not alone in confronting the challenges to the delivery of digital services and the hope of optimal customer experiences:

“In 2018, CX [Customer Experience] performance was flat, and more than 50% of digital transformation efforts stalled…”
Forrester - Predictions 2019

In the face of these challenges, you as ITSM leaders, must forge a path that avoids the most common pitfalls by:

  • Being careful what you measure – you might get it – along with some nasty, unintended consequences.
  • Breaking down your organization’s silos to find and fix your customers’ (and their customers’) greatest “pain points” while exploiting “gain points” (i.e., improvement opportunities).
  • Prioritizing and designing your most important people, process and technology initiatives around optimal customer and business outcomes, across all customer touchpoints.
  • Planning and delivering continual improvement.

ITIL 4 What’s new and what have we lost

Speaker: Vernon Lloyd  

Workshop Description:  In this workshop, we will have a detailed look at the current state of the latest version of ITIL and its applicability to modern-day service providers.  The structure has fundamentally changed; some much-loved elements of previous versions of ITIL no longer get a mention in the latest version.  Is this important? Will and should organizations still utilize ITIL 2011 recommendations?  

Looking at the new and updated guidance how will this aid experienced and new ITIL users.   

Enterprise Service Management - The Landscape and ITIL 4 in Context

Speaker: Miles Faulkner 

Session Description:  This presentation discusses the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) market space. It comments on how ITIL 4 impacts the space and describes our vision of what constitutes the best solutions, providing tangible benefits to companies using this framework. There is a great opportunity, and demand, for many teams to take advantage of proven Service Management principles. We will be presenting some interesting research on how these principles can improve an organization’s productivity, and how the implementation of a lightweight and easy to configure Service Desk can help promote their adoption

Practitioner Forum: How to achieve success in a complex enterprise-wide Service Management implementation

Session Description:  The Practitioner Forum offers a dialogue and discussion space for practitioners with a breadth and depth of successful service management experience within the public and private sectors.  Effective transformations which achieve positive improvements, and in turn, realize and sustain organizational benefits are often a challenge in complex enterprise-wide Service Management implementations.  Our expert practitioners will discuss how they achieved sustainable improvements that have made a positive and lasting impact in both large and small organizations throughout the service management journey.

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