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ITSM - building for the future
Professional Development and Educational Workshop Days

January 24 - 25, 2022
Virtual Online Event

This event occurs in the Eastern Time (ET) Zone for US and Canada.

Time zones are automatically localized to your region in Hopin. Our Schedule has been built on the Eastern Time (ET) Zone for US  and Canada.

session tracks At A GLANCE

Track 1:  Service Management Evolution

Sessions in this track will highlight “real world” service management strategies and implementations used to ensure the right mix of service offerings and organizational capabilities are available to serve existing and potential customers needs and demands.

Track 2:  Digital Transformation

Sessions in this track will focus on organizational digital changes, adaptations and transformation journeys.  You will gain insights into how new digital channels and processes are embraced to increase profit, streamline efficiency, empower and better serve customers and employees. 

Track 3:  People and Change

Sessions in this track will explain the challenges and lessons of managing change while moving an organization (leadership/sponsorship, people, process, technology/tools, project management, organizational change management) through the change journey – from a current state, through a transition state, to a future state.

Track 4:  Innovation

Sessions in this track will feature Service Management best practices and innovations in the new virtual digital world.

Session descriptionS

Automated Nonsense Remains Nonsense - Process Management as a Foundation of Successful Digitalisation in the Public Sector

Track # 2

Speaker:  Dr. Lars Algermissen

Session Description: 

The public sector faces a lot of challenges when it comes to digitalisation.

Lars Algermissen and his team from PICTURE have helped more than 500 public administrations in Germany with the introduction of process management methods and tools.

Dr. Algermissen will present some lessons learned from these projects out of a German perspective and will happily discuss their transferability to Canada.

Dr. Algermissen will cover the following topics:

  • The process register as a strategic planning instrument for public administrations

  • The PICTURE method as domain specific modelling approach to maximise user acceptance

  • Process content collections as a facilitator for a successful organisation-wide roll-out of process management

  • How process management saved us 1 Mill. Euro per year – without even drawing a process diagram.

  • How the PICTURE method generated 90 optimisation proposals within 9 days.

    Agile Digital Transformation (ADapT™)

    Track # 2

    Speaker:  Johann Botha

    Session Description:

    This session will share a transformational model to help incumbent (industrial age) organizations make fast and iterative progress in becoming digital citizens. The approach is the result of research, application, experimentation, and refinements since 2012 – but the work accelerated after VeriSM was published because customers asked for more straightforward and prescriptive guidance we call Agile Digital Transformation or ADapT for short.

    That said, our work condensed what we have learned since 2012 into nine simple steps, grouped in three phases, which organizations can take to transform the organization. The conversation begins at the CXO level and is strategic without any tech-talk, helping leadership prioritize and drive innovation to transform the organization. We call this phase EXTRACT your digital strategy.

    Cross-functional teams then start creating the future by focusing on product and business-model innovation. Here we focus on three key elements, ensuring that the organization has the capacity to succeed in building the future – this includes education, resourcing, and events to become involved in creating the future. Next, we need to plan and execute innovation and testing processes and events. Lastly, we must ensure that innovation will survive in operations by constantly re-evaluating and streamlining business and operational models. The innovation phase we call EXPLORE the future.

    Once the organization knows what to do for the next three months, we will kick off the EXPAND phase—by building and implementing ideas in an agile manner. Then we need to validating customer reactions and streamlining what is on offer before the focus shifts to scaling and optimizing the reach of new digital or digitally-enabled products and services. While scaling, we zoom in on operations and improve what we have and what we do. Daily work in operations means solving problems, optimizing, and finally, paying off technical debt.

    The key is not to try and make big changes but instead continually make small changes for the better – evolutionary change is better than revolutionary change. If you, however, take a moment to look back – it’s clear what strides incumbent organizations can make in as little as a year!

     How to Build your Digital Strategy

    Track # 2

    Speaker:   David Cannon

    Session Description:   

    Successful strategies are able to crystalize complex situations into a clear, succinct set of statements about where we’re going, why and how.  This session outlines the steps to define a digital strategy, and shows how to make it an accessible tool that can be used to manage change at every level of the organization.  The session will include:

    • The 7 principles of strategy – setting yourself up for success

    • What a strategy should look like (and what it should not look like)

    • Knowing what to measure and how to use metrics

    Overcoming Adoption Adversity - Why Powerful Tools Aren't Just Good Enough

    Track # 1

    Speaker:  Brendan Gibb

    Session Description:

    Coming soon ...

    Design Goals - A Secret Device for Successful Digital Transformations

    Track # 2

    Speaker:  Louise Harris

    Session Description: 

    Find out how to improve results, reduce risk and increase buy-in by establishing Design Goals for your Digital Transformation. In this session you will learn

    • How design goals help create a consistent and integrated understanding of the transformation 

    • How design goals illuminate hidden risks

    • How to use design goals to make design decisions efficiently

    • How to use design goals to build trust

    • How to use design goals to monitor and assess implementation

    • What makes a good design goal

    This is a highly interactive and fun learning experience that will give you a new perspective on designing and implementing digital transformation with less effort and better results.

    All Aboard the Accessibility Digital Service Train

    Track 3 

    Speaker:  Cynthia Jolly

    Session Description: 

    The clock is ticking to make your information and communications technology (ICT) services accessible to all.  There are new accessibility service requirements for Federally regulated entities and Transportation Service Providers to provide barrier free services to Canadians. Now is the time for organizations to adopt an accessible by default inclusive design process. 

    • Discover how the Canadian Transportation is removing barriers for travellers with the adoption of Accessible Transportation for People with Disabilities Regulation (  Providing guidance material in alternative formats using open-source, cloud-based services.
    • Learn about new accessibility requirements including in Canada (TBS's new Digital Services Policy suite) and the European Union (EN 301-549 2018 standard).
    • Find out how to apply an accessibility lens to the design and delivery of programs and services.
    • Explore best practices on how to improve existing digital services for accessibility (web/mobile  applications and user documentation).
    • Find out how to engage clients with disabilities in the design process and use testing tools for web applications.

     AI Automation (Chatbots) in HealthCare

    Track # 4

    Speaker:  Stephanie LeBlanc

    Session Description: 

    We live in a world where technology touches every aspect of our lives on a daily basis. We bank online, pay our bills, change our hotel or flight reservation by providing a few pieces of information etc. without ever talking to another human being. And we do all that within a few seconds or minutes. Our clinicians expect similar levels of efficiency to make their job easier. Using AI Automation technology, our clinicians can significantly reduce wait times when they need information from the pharmacy, need to know who is on call, or other FAQ type questions.

    Building Team Resiliency Through Change

    Track # 3 

    Speakers:  Amanda Perran

    Session Description: 

    As the impacts of the pandemic drag on, our teams continue to face tremendous change.  How can we maintain a healthy level of energy and excitement within our teams as leaders when most team members are just working hard to keep up with the various demands and changes they are facing.  In this session, Amanda will look at a combination of technical and non-technical opportunities to improve employee morale, create connection and build resiliency during times of excessive change.

    Data Security and Compliance as Cloud Culture

    Track # 4 

    Speakers:  Steven Woodward & Kristin Curran

    Session Description: 

    The Cloud has quickly become an integral, unavoidable tool in today’s work-from-home landscape. The challenges of implementing cloud infrastructure, from the hardware and software, and of equal importance, the people using the Cloud, are ever-evolving. Looking through a contemporary lens, Cloud Perspectives will introduce attendees to the topics of cloud computing, data governance, and the privacy concerns that industries are facing.  This includes covering regulatory considerations as GAIA-X, GDPR, and the CLOUD Act, and how the cloud culture helps to facilitate in strengthening data security.

    Steven’s extensive work with international and regional standards, and Kristin’s focus on culture will not only highlight the governance topics of today, but project a look into the future based on experience and research into current trends and future tools.

    ITSM Predictions: Future Trends vs. Present Reality

    Track # 1

    Speaker:  Eric Wrazen

    Session Description: 

    Thought leadership in the IT world is always looking forward to what will impact businesses in the future. But what is impacted businesses TODAY?  This session will look at some widely discussed trends that will supposedly impact ITSM and IT Operations in the near future, and explore how these predictions align with the actual day-to-day experiences of client and users managing  ITSM operations today.

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