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Standing committees

Standing committees are permanent committees that manage the day-to-day operations of itSMF.


The secretary is responsible for official recording of activities on behalf of the Corporation. This function is responsible for minute of Board meetings and all official documents, such as the charter, decisions made, etc. The Secretary is also a Director of the Corporation.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing committee is responsible for marketing of itSMF Canada across the country. The function is performed in conjunction with branches in an effort to co-ordinate marketing needs for the organization.


This committee is responsible for managing the requirements of itSMF Canada members. It develops membership categories, pricing and privacy policies, and works with the marketing committee to expand membership benefits to members.


This committee is responsible for the financial viability of the organization. This includes managing all ongoing accounting aspects for all functions including bookstore, events and membership. The Treasurer is also a Director of the Corporation.


The events committee is responsible for planning and organizing association events. It is responsible for organizing and managing the annual conference and working with the branches to ensure local events meet member needs.

Working committees

Working committees are formed whenever a major effort is required for development of a function within itSMF Canada.

Branch Working Committee

The branch committee is responsible for supporting existing branches and helping new branches get started. They act as a conduit between the regional branches and the national board. The branch committee reports to the Branches Chair.


The newsletter committee is responsible for regular communication of activities and information to members via a quarterly newsletter. This committee reports to the Marketing Chair.

Professional Standards and Certification

This committee works with Loyalist College and the international organizations to support the certification process and the development of ITSM standards. This committee reports to the Marketing Chair. See ITIL certification.


The website committee is responsible for developing and maintaining itSMF Canada's website. This includes promoting our organization online and developing tools to allow for self serve operation.

This committee reports to the Marketing Chair.

Policies and Procedures

This committee is responsible for maintaining all policies and procedures for the organization regardless which committee developed them.

The policies and procedures committee maintains all documentation and reports to the Secretary.

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