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Service Management Strategies in the New Virtual World
Professional Development and Educational Workshop Days

November 30 - December 1, 2020
Virtual Online Event

This event occurs in the Eastern Time (ET) Zone for US and Canada.

Time zones are automatically localized to your region in Hopin. Our Schedule has been built on the Eastern Time (ET) Zone for US  and Canada.

session tracks At A GLANCE

Service Management in the digital world insights across four key focus areas

Track 1:  Digital Transformation

Sessions in this track will focus on organizational digital changes, adaptations and transformation journeys.  You will gain insights into how new digital channels and processes are embraced to increase profit, streamline efficiency, empower and better serve customers and employees. 

Track 2:  Service Management Strategies

Sessions in this track will highlight “real world” service management strategies and implementations used to ensure the right mix of service offerings and organizational capabilities are available to serve existing and potential customers needs and demands.

Track 3:  Challenges of Managing Change

Sessions in this track will explain the challenges and lessons of managing change while moving an organization (leadership/sponsorship, people, process, technology/tools, project management, organizational change management) through the change journey – from a current state, through a transition state, to a future state.

Track 4:  Innovative Options

Sessions in this track will feature Service Management best practices and innovations in the new virtual digital world.

Session descriptionS

Customer Centric Digital Design

Track 1

Speaker: Roger Burlton

Session Description: 

It is an admirable quest to get digital with our customers and users. We all want to deliver service excellence, become more efficient with our resources and do more for less. The challenge is that the digitalized relationship with all its touch points is only a small piece of the visible part of an iceberg.

There is a lot more below the surface keeping us afloat. Pursuing the customer and user journey and understanding their end-to-end experience is a great start but being able to support it requires looking below the surface. We need thoughtful strategic choices, a resilient business architecture, optimal process design for digitalized experiences, and not the least; data integrity assuring a single source of truth for customers, users and our enterprise.

Connecting the customer’s actions and their data with ours for mutual benefit is what digital does, leveraging IT capabilities to enable the sharing. Trusting us to serve the customer’s end of the bargain means we have to have our act together from the tip of the iceberg to the business and IT capabilities, unseen at the base.

To get it right we must establish new processes to handle a changing customer relationship and user experience; one that includes their processes and their data not just ours. Complete business integrity above and below the surface is essential for digitalized customer and user solutions to be sustainable and for the experience to feel easy and seamless. This session will delve into what’s needed to succeed.

Digital Transformation: Turn data privacy into data potential

Track 4

Speaker: Sarah Lyons

Session Description: 

In this age of digital transformation, many organizations are striving to realize the full value from their growing volumes and varieties of data. For example, data may be used to enhance decision making, shared for R&D, monetized, or disclosed for transparency (e.g., open data). But with a lot of this data being sensitive and pertaining to real people, the privacy risks are increasingly complex. This session will explore data privacy strategies that have been proven to help data and analytics teams earn the trust of stakeholders when leveraging sensitive information. We will explore:

  1. How to determine whether data is identifying or identifiable;
  2. How to sufficiently de-identify data to realize new analytical benefits while protecting privacy; and
  3. Techniques to maximize the value from sensitive data without compromising stakeholder trust.

ITIL 4 Digital and IT Strategy – Beyond 2020 

Track 2

Speaker: David Cannon

Session Description: 

February, 2020.  The planning and scoping of the new ITIL 4 book on Digital and IT strategy (DITS) had been completed.  The authors and editorial team had just begun to write the first sections as the first “shelter in place” orders were issued.

What started as an insightful analysis of strategy trends and practices quickly became a first-hand observation of organizations being propelled into new areas of digital business – with or without a strategy.

We learned that everything we had planned to write was relevant and accurate for the situation that unfolded – with some adjustments.  But we also knew that it was not going to be enough.  Would DITS help organizations to continue to plan and quickly evolve to what will happen next – the so-called “Return to Normal”, or more accurately the “New Normal”?

This presentation will focus on those capabilities and approaches in DITS that are most relevant for organizations facing a largely unknown future.  These include:

  • Accelerating the strategy (and budgeting) cycle
  • Reframing your vision (and the way you think about visioning)
  • Digital Positioning
  • Documenting, communicating and measuring the strategy
  • Gearing for innovation and agile working approaches
  • Changing the way you think about risk
  • Leadership in digital organizations

XLAs: Applying The Art & Science of Experience

Track 2

Speaker: Lisa Schwartz

Session Description: 

In the session, Lisa will:

  • Walk us through what is an Experience Level Agreement (XLA), and how they augment, not replace, existing Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Show examples of XLAs in action.
  • Discuss why they have become so impactful, especially with our immediate, global shift to WFH.
  • Explain why XLA has been listed on the Gartner Hype Cycle as Emerging, with 5-10-year plateau; and
  • Do her best to ensure this is a fun, engaging presentation, with an eye to each participant leaving the session excited about a journey toward Employee Experience.

Level Up Your Service Management Customer Experience

Track 2

Speaker:  Yash Parikh

Session Description:   This session walks through the features, possibilities and maturities of a Self-Service Portal that elevates your customer experience.

Using Service Activation to Kick-Start Your ITSM Engagement

Track 2

Speaker:  Rod Ward

Session Description:   IT Service Management includes an underlying component which is often talked about but perhaps not fully appreciated.  That is, the need for continually improving the ways in which you provision and support your services.  Even if you constantly assess your ITSM situation and work to enhance maturity, maintaining organization-wide focus in these improvements can be daunting … and talking about it can be tiresome!  Service Activation (the introduction of new or changed service offerings to your client-base) might be the vehicle that drives this continuous improvement.  Rather than create separate “improvement initiatives” why not align your improvement roadmap with your Service Activation activities?

This session takes a look at Service Activation and shows you how to relate your various ITSM improvement initiatives to the work typically associated with on-boarding new or changed service offerings.

"Everything as a Service": A New Strategy to Energize Your Enterprise with Digital Workflows

Track 2

Speaker:  Victor Zhu

Session Description:  “Everything as a Service” provides our workplace a digital context, offers employees a connected work experience on a service management platform. “Build on ITIL” becomes an edge to accelerate this journey to digitize workflows. Ultimately, in your digital enterprise, not just IT, but everything is a service.

This session explores "Everything as a Service" as a strategic and business and operational model for enterprises.

ITIL 4 Through 2021 and Beyond

Track 2

Speaker: Roman Jouravlev

Session Description: 

2020 has become a year of challenges and opportunities for everyone. Strategies and operating models have become even more dependent on technology and IT services. Many organizations had to undergo in weeks a digital transformation which would normally take months or even years.

How does ITIL 4 help in dealing with these challenges? How are they reflected in the Digital and IT strategy book published this September? What are the key ITIL practices to apply in the times of uncertainty?

These and other answers – from Roman Jouravlev, ITIL 4 lead architect and author.

    Service Management - International Perspectives - COVID-19

    Track 4

    Speaker: Steven Woodward

    Session Description: 

    COVID-19 has accelerated cloud consumption, where cloud service providers needed to scale by hundreds of percent. The cloud service customers needed to securely connect to the cloud service providers outside of their traditional trusted networks. Policies and procedures are still catching up with what was needed to support businesses and governments. Service Management requires flexibility and automation to support the new highly scalable, flexible, work from home (WFM) requirements.

    When the world closed, Steven Woodward was in Berlin Germany, attending ISO SC38 Cloud Computing meetings. It quickly became evident the world was changing at a speed and a level of uncertainty that has never been experienced by the Information Technology industry.

    Steven shares updates from standards, governments and providers, highlighting data sovereignty balancing with resiliency, geo-jurisdictional regulatory directions and the future opportunities and challenges post COVID-19. This will be an interactive session, encouraging discussion (including the readiness of IT Service Management) and provide insights to Canadian governments, users and providers of IT services.

    SRE is a Service Management Framework

    Track 2

    Speaker: Jayne Groll

    Session Description: By its own words, Google refers to Site Reliability Engineering as its approach to Service Management.  In fact, it's the most innovative approach to ITSM since the early days of ITIL.  This session will look at SRE from an ITSM perspective including common processes such as Service Level Management, Change Management, Incident Management and more.  We will also explore the role of the Site Reliability Engineer – one of the fastest growing positions in IT today.

    Tales From a Change Agent

    Track 3

    Speaker: Nicole Conboy

    Session Description:

    Come hear some tales about how to avoid the pitfalls that come along with changing what people do on a daily basis from someone who has not only been in the trenches or leading the organization, but has also been an outsider at times.

    Trans4Mation for Dummies

    Track 1

    Speaker: Paul Wilkinson

    Session Description: 

    Digital Transformation is the latest Industry buzzword bingo phrase. Nobody knows what it is but everybody wants it! One thing is a fact. We are all faced with Digital disruption. This disruption will mean that IT organizations and IT professionals will need to transform? ITSM as we know also needs to transform in response to the demands for agility. But transform from what to what? In this session Paul will reveal 8 areas that need to transform, based on observations and feedback from more than 400 organizations faced with ‘Transformation’. You will gain insights and tips into what YOU need to do differently starting tomorrow!

     We Don't Need Organizational Change, We Are Agile?

    Track 3

    Speaker: Paul Vos

    Session Description: 

    Who can look into the post COVID crystal ball? 

    As you know many companies are already out of business because they could not adapt to the disruption brought on by COVID and many more are struggling.  Are our current Service Transition and Organizational Change Management (OCM) practices ready to deliver the disruptive change needed to survive? Or will we just become lumbering overwhelmed dinosaurs impeding business transformation and struggling to remain relevant? 

    Most agree that incremental changes to the status quo will not get us there.  We need to take a close look at what prevents us from innovating.

    Though the future is still unwritten, Paul will share a perspective on where ITSM and OCM must abandon ‘traditional’ project and OCM practices and re-invent itself if it is not only to survive but thrive in the new post-COVID normal.

    Service Management Strategies in a Virtual World - What Did We Learn in 2020?

    Track 4

    Speaker:  Claire Agutter

    Session Description:   This session looks at the way 2020 has changed how, where, when and why we work, and how technology has enabled our transformation.  Service management has had a key role to play keeping services running, but now we need to plan for the future as well as look at our service management strategy for 2021 and beyond. Claire will discuss key focus areas and provide practical, actionable ideas related to people and skills, resilience, supply chain and connectivity.

    Collaboration Tools: Fostering Service Management Team Collaboration in Real Time

    Track 1

    Speaker:  Jeff Braybrook

    Session Description:   Our team at Shared Services Canada is responsible for providing Microsoft 365 and Teams collaboration tools to everyone within the department. 

    At the outset of COVID19 we deployed Microsoft 365 and Teams across the entire department to ensure people could work and collaborate effectively from home with everyone else on their team.  These tools are complementary to formal service management tools. They help streamline many day to day activities, such as coordinating meetings and developing documents in one unified platform and in real time.  The result at Shared Services Canada has been significant adoption throughout the department in improving the speed and effectiveness of people working together.

    It is a new way of working and is changing the way we

    • Connect and communicate,
    • Conduct effective meetings,
    • Work smarter with documents, and
    • Work from anywhere.

    This session looks at how collaboration tools can help improve the way Service Management teams can work together better to deliver services faster and better.

    ITIL 4 so far: The Promise vs. The Reality

    Track 2

    Speaker:  Miles Faulkner

    Session Description:   Miles Faulkner, CEO at Blended Perspectives, will be discussing the evolution of ITIL 4 to date – this will include our view of the framework, its implications, challenges as well as adoption so far.  ITIL 4 speaks to the explicit need to integrate across a range of processes from ITSM to Agile and DevOps.  Best of breed within these silos isn’t as important as a connected enterprise approach and solution.  We’ll also discuss practical “hacks” to enable these linkages as well including the all new Jira Service Management offering from Atlassian.

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