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November 29 - 30, 2021
Virtual Online Event

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Keynote descriptionS

Workforce of the Future

Day 1 Keynote:  November 29, 2021

Keynote Speaker:  Yvon Audette

Keynote Description: 

Experience Management:  A Critical Evolution for Service Management Professionals Who Want to do What Matters for the Business

Day 2 Keynote:  November 30, 2021

Keynote Speaker:  Alan Nance

Keynote Description: 

In this keynote presentation, Alan will discuss:  

  • Why is experience management replacing service management in importance and management attention?
  • What are XLAs, and what does experience management entail?
  • Why it is a natural successor to service management?
  • What does this development mean for service management professionals, and how can you prepare for the new career opportunities?


Coming soon ...

Day 1 Plenary:  November 29, 2021

Plenary Speaker:  Tom Yeatts

Plenary Description: 

Coming soon ...

Day 2 Plenary:  November 30, 2021

Plenary Speaker:  Miles Faulkner

Plenary Description: 

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