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ITSM - building for the future
Professional Development and Educational Workshop Days

January 24 - 25, 2022
Virtual Online Event

This event occurs in the Eastern Time (ET) Zone for US and Canada.

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Keynote descriptionS

The Future of Work is "A New World Work"

Day 1 Keynote:  January 24, 2022

Keynote Speaker:  Yvon Audette

Keynote Description: 

The Future of Work is “A New World of Work” — and the results of our latest KPMG CEO Outlook show that this is also the perspective of many of today’s CEOs which includes Deputy Ministers and Senior Government Officials. This year’s survey reveals that global CEOs are listening to their people and creating a more flexible work environment where they can have the convenience of working from home along with the ability to collaborate and work alongside colleagues in the office environment.

There has also been an increase in the desire to help employees collaborate more flexibly, with half of respondents saying they will be looking to invest in shared office spaces.

Many of these points suggest that the Future of Work will be “A New World of Work” for the long-term for many organizations as they look to revise their workplace cultures to attract the best talent and enable the workforce to work in this setting. And paramount to culture is the need to invest in digital skills alongside enabling the workforce through technology modernization. This isn’t simply so that their people can use these new tools, but to help foster a digital-first culture where people naturally look to integrate technology into their work.

In this keynote, Yvon will explore this topic further with you.

Experience Management:  A Critical Evolution for Service Management Professionals Who Want to do What Matters for the Business

Day 2 Keynote:  January 25, 2025

Keynote Speaker:  Alan Nance

Keynote Description: 

In this keynote presentation, Alan will discuss:  

  • Why is experience management replacing service management in importance and management attention?
  • What are XLAs, and what does experience management entail?
  • Why it is a natural successor to service management?
  • What does this development mean for service management professionals, and how can you prepare for the new career opportunities?


Connected Methodologies vs Fortress Architectures

Day 1 Plenary:  January 24, 2022

Plenary Speaker:  Miles Faulkner 

Plenary Description: 

With the ongoing take up of ITIL4 we’re seeing a number other enterprise methodologies which also address “connectedness” as opposed to silo processes and solutions such as SAFe and integrated GRC.  In this talk we’d like to poll participants to find how many face this issue and the status of true end to end integration in your organizations.  We’ll also be asking the extent to which “silo” technologies and processes have contributed to this.  Finally we will be discussing ways to achieve end to end execution and some great “hacks” to assist the coordination of different departments and groups such as tactical ways to link service desk tickets to a development team’s backlog. 

Transforming IT into a Strategic Business Partner

Day 2 Plenary:  January 25, 2022

Plenary Speaker:  Tom Yeatts

Plenary Description: 

Technology is integral to successful government.  It’s embedded in nearly every governmental process and workflow.  Transforming IT into a strategic business partner requires a business mindset.  With the right approach, Government agencies and departments can run IT like a business and deliver value quickly, improve productivity, and create great user experiences.  Join Tom Yeatts, Global Head of State, Local, & Regional Government Solutions at ServiceNow in this plenary session to discuss:

  • Modernizing IT Service Delivery to drive operational excellence throughout the organization
  • Leveraging integrated IT Service Delivery best practices to gain productivity, enable automation, and provide visibility across your organization
  • Digitizing processes to unlock productivity across your agency and enhance the constituent and employee experience
  • Scaling service delivery by migrating workloads to the cloud

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