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Membership Benefits

This table denotes the various access levels of different member types

I= Full Time Student, II= Individual, III= Corporate

Benefits Types

1. Web Site Access

yes! yes! yes!

2. White Papers

yes! yes! yes!

3. Bulletin Board

yes! yes! yes!

4. Newsletter

yes! yes! yes!

5. Contribute to ITIL

yes! yes! yes!

6. Book Discounts

yes! yes! yes!

7. Conference Discounts

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8. Membership Changes

  1. Access the members only section of the web site through a unique login-id and member selected password.
  2. Access and download white papers and publications.
  3. Share ideas and conduct discussions on topics of common interest with other members.
  4. Access to ServiceTalk, via the members only section of the website, the bi-monthly newsletter of itSMF International.
  5. Influence the direction of future ITIL books by participating in the publication of these books.
  6. Receive discounts on ITSM literature, including ITIL books.
    • 5% membership discount for total order valued between $1 and $200 before tax
    • 10% membership discount for total order valued between $201 and $1000 before tax
    • 15% membership discount for total order over $1000 before tax
  7. Receive discounts on entrance fees to seminars, workshops and other professional gatherings.

Membership Conditions
The management board has the right to deny membership to any individual or organization that it feels may bring the name of the organization into disrepute Failure to renew will result in a lapse of membership. Members have the right to propose changes to the membership structure provided these proposals are made in writing to the Management Board.

Do you have a question regarding memberships?  Feel free to email us at

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