General Responsibilities & Core Competencies

Each Director is expected to meet the following expectations. Time commitments for Directors will vary from role to role, but are typically 15 to 20 hours per month.

General Responsibilities:

  • Commit to the work of itSMF Canada and promote the Chapter
  • Attend monthly Board meetings and Annual General Meetings
  • Prepare for discussion of issues and items on the agenda and to vote on motions
  • Assume specific responsibilities and accountabilities for their respective portfolio and related Business Plan activities.
  • Maintain process documents related to their respective portfolio
  • Transition knowledge, processes and tools to incoming Directors (on/offboarding)
  • Collaborate with the branches in the execution of role responsibilities and the Business Plan. Good Change Management must be practiced to avoid surprises and ensure optimal value creation for the branches.
  • Comply with the itSMF Canada code of conduct and conflict of interest policies and timely respond to request for assistance or feedback by other board members and/or branch leads (e.g. email, content feedback, meetings etc).

Core Competencies:

Each Director is expected to be proficient in the following core competencies:
  • Flexibility – this involves being open, influencing and adapting to changing conditions, being willing to try new approaches, and challenging the status quo
  • Communication – this includes communicating verbally, non-verbally, and in writing, as well as practicing active listening
  • Leadership – this involves acting ethically, being trustworthy, holding oneself accountable, positively influencing others, and being proactive and intentional
  • Critical Thinking – this includes problem solving and analytical abilities, as well as making decisions and/or recommending next steps in a timely manner despite ambiguity
  • Performance Orientation – this involves being self-motivated with the ability to work independently to meet deadlines and produce quality results, as well as effectively delegate and coordinate Volunteer activities
  • Courage and Conviction – this involves demonstrating the necessary courage to act in accordance with the Chapter vision, principles, values and strategies, despite challenges

Role Descriptions:

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