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Event date(s): 2017-Jun-25 (Sunday)
Registration closes: 2017-Jun-24 (Saturday)

Announcement: itSMF Branch Election (26 June 2017)

If you are interested in continuing to participate in the Branch, now is your opportunity to do so by standing for election for one of the Branch Management Team positions.


There six positions available to be filled: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Manager and Manager, Public Relations and Membership.


The continued success of the Branch is dependent on the active involvement of individuals like you. We encourage you to seriously consider standing for election for one of these positions. Brief descriptions of the task associated with each position and the process for standing for election follow.


Anyone in the Branch region who is a member in good standing of itSMF Canada. If you are not currently a member, you can enrol on-line at Note: to stand for the Chair position, you must not be a member of an organization that markets service management related products or services.


What do you need to do to be a candidate?

  • reply to the itSMF Branch at ,  by June 25th 2017, stating that you are interested in standing for election to a specific position (include your itSMF membership number)
  • make a commitment to attend Branch Management Team meetings on a regular basis
  • make a commitment to allocate additional time for itSMF duties, if necessary
  • provide a short biography (before start of voting) for distribution to eligible voters 
  • provide a short statement (before start of voting), for distribution to eligible voters, as to why you wish to fill the position,



The target is to have the elections during the last week of June 2017. Note: if you do not wish to stand for election but still wish to vote, you must be a paid up member of itSMF Canada. If you are not already a member, information on how you can become a member can be found on the itSMF Canada web site,


Tasks Associated with Positions


The roles and responsibilities of the Chair are:

·         Report to itSMF Canada

·         Accountable to the itSMF Branch Management Team (BOM)

·         To maintain an active liaison with the itSMF Canada Board of

·         Management and other itSMF Canadian Branches

·         Establishment and management of BoM Agenda with the assistance of the Branch secretary

·         To manage the development, approval and execution of the Branch business plan

·         To be independent of any interest groups and to act in an impartial manner at all times

·         To chair the Branch Management Team meetings

·         To monitor execution of all Branch activities

·         Oversee that the Branch complies with local, national and international objectives, goals and strategies

·         To chair the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

·         To co-ordinate the activities of the Branch Management Team functions and working groups

·         To co-ordinate the setting of strategic and tactical direction and objectives for the organization

·         To act as the public spokesperson for the Branch or delegate a Board member to do so

·         Manage outstanding issues (issue log)


The roles and responsibilities of the Vice-Chair are:

  • To act and assume Chair responsibilities in the event of the Chair’s declared absence
  • Represent the chair when required at itSMF Canada events and/or meetings
  • Keep apprised with itSMF Branches and national issues
  • To provide ongoing support to the Chair


The roles and responsibilities of the Secretary are:

  • To ensure that all legal requirements of the organization are complied with
  • To assist in the establishment of the agenda for the Branch Management Team meetings
  • To maintain a record of all the meetings, decisions and initiatives undertaken by the Branch Management Team
  • To create and maintain an issue / action item log
  • To organize the Branch Management Team meetings and the AGM and to notify the required attendees
  • To publish the agenda and minutes of itSMF BOM Meetings in a timely manner

Treasurer / Financial Co-ordinator

The roles and responsibilities of the Treasurer are:

  • To comply with the itSMF Canada financial framework
  • To consolidate the financial expenditures required to run itSMF Branch activities for a given period
  • To report on the budgeted and actual monies spent by itSMF Branch activities

Marketing, Public Relation and Membership

The roles and responsibilities of Marketing, Public Relation and Membership are:

  • To plan and execute marketing initiatives aimed at promoting ITSM and increasing itSMF membership and/or raising the profile of the itSMF Branch
  • To contribute to the development and maintenance of the itSMF Canada website;
  • To develop and maintain a marketing strategy and operational plan
  • To ensure membership are manage properly with the assistance of itSMF Canada Membership resources
  • To manage local issues related to membership, this includes answering questions that members may have on membership
  • To participate as an active member of the itSMF Canada Marketing Working Group
  • To ensure development of all promotional materials, including materials for seminars and conferences, comply with the agreed corporate identity
  • To develop and manage a communication strategy and plan
  • To Chair the Marketing and PR Sub-Committee
  • To Liaise with the Events Manager and any other working committees related to this function

Event Manager

The roles and responsibilities of the Event Manager are:

  • To develop and submit event business plans to the itSMF Branch Management Team for approval
  • To participate as an active member of the itSMF Canada Events Committee;
  • To identify opportunities for Branch events
  • Prepare a post event report to marketing/PR BOM members, this includes keeping a record of relevant information from past events
  • To seek appropriate speakers for all local events
  • To develop and maintain potential speakers list for events
  • To prepare and maintain annual events calendar for all Branch activities
  • To liase with the itSMF Canada organisation to seek approval of local events
  • To execute and manage the individual event business plans
  • To review suitability of relevant events from other organizations in the local area
  • To Chair the Events Sub-Committee (.e.g. registration, facilities, evaluations, speaker’s roster)
  • In conjunction with the Marketing and Public Relations Manager, to notify all members of upcoming events



Additional details to be provided regarding a meeting/voting location, for those who would like to vote in person.


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