Is Cyber Shape-shifting?

Presenter: Neal KUSHWAHA, IMPENDO Inc.

Mr. Neal KUSHWAHA’s background focuses on the IT security, physical security, IT infrastructure, and physical datacentre design for classified spaces. With over 21 years of experience in the domain, he has helped private and public sector organizations make their datacenters and systems work for them. He has successfully moved 30 data centers covering 3 continents. Annually, he hosts a conference on cyber and data centers in Ottawa, Canada known as DCAR.

When he is not working at IMPENDO Inc., he is busy training to climb his next big mountain. Neal is an accomplished mountaineer and was the lead of a spring 2014 Lhotse/Everest ascent team. He is returning to Nepal this spring for a second attempt of both 8000m peaks. As habituated as he is with the ever-strenuous responsibility for the lives of an international ascent team, seeing his shadow in the clouds and watching the sun crest over the curvature of the earth are sights that will most likely never tire him.

Relation to itSMF

The ITSM discipline influences and is influenced by other management disciplines including Information Security Management (ISM). IT Security related ethical, human, and technological factors are some of the areas that should be addressed for every project.

The presenter’s paper (published by University of North Georgia's Military College) has been condensed into an interactive presentation that covers current topical challenges we face at a Nation State level down to a citizen anywhere in the globe.



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