The theme this year is “People, Process and Change”- three issues at the heart of every ITSM program. Speakers and Workshop Facilitators will share their experiences and project case studies on topics such as:

  • Enterprise Service Management and Architecture,
  • Cultural Change,
  • Cyber Security,
  • Cloud,
  • Agile Methodologies,
  • Tool & Solution Deployment.

Cultural change is always a major challenge, especially in government and large enterprises. People, Process and Technology are the cornerstones of ITSM and will be addressed throughout the PD Days. “Adapt or die” is not just empty rhetoric but a reality for businesses and organizations that want to remain relevant today and in the future.

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Centurion - Conference & Events
170 Colonnade Rd.
Ottawa ON K2E7J5



Nilufer Erdebil
Spring2 Innovations

Caroline Macintosh,
Shared Services Canada

Chuck Darst,


Ron Markham,

Steven Woodward,
Cloud Perspective

Paul Vos,
Process & Organizational
Change Management Consultant





 Tracy Fiander Trask,
Government of Nova Scotia

Craig Szelestowski,
Lean Agility Inc.

Vernon Von Finckenstein,
Treasury Board Canada



Alain Tremblay
IT Service Centre Sobeys Inc.

Robert Weisman
Build the Vision, Inc.

Jason Bergeron
PwC Canada


Vernon Lloyd

Nicole Conboy

Louise A Harris (NEW)




Miles Faulkner (NEW)

Atwell Williams, BMC (NEW)


PDD Themes for 2018:

Track 1: Change Management

Change management has always been a serious concern for organizational IT. Changes - whether good or bad, planned or unplanned - are inevitable. Change management is less about minimizing change, but more about minimizing the risk and disruption caused by the change. Before you can understand the impact of change in your environment, you've got to understand exactly what's in your environment. Having a clear vision of the big picture right down to the small details of every user and device is the critical foundation for any change management strategy.

Track 2: Process Design

Process Design is becoming more challenging. Organizations are incorporating new processes and tools to meet expectations of their customers and internal stakeholders. The resulting demands on processes include the need for both well‐developed plans and incremental deliveries (agile and hybrid processes), utilization of increased automation, higher degrees of customer collaboration, comprehensive analysis of existing tools for reuse (open source and COTS), and performance requirements of enterprise‐level architectures.

Track 3: Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture has become one of the pillars to help make operations run smoothly, seamlessly and maneuver easily. No matter what technology is touted, or how service oriented and agile the applications are --especially cloud-based environments --technology systems must be designed and implemented to support the business or mission and enable processes. If integrated IT systems don't work or fail, the business or mission may be in jeopardy. The only insurance any enterprise or organization has is a fully articulated and robust EA program..


Our IT Service Management (ITSM) workshops are designed to encourage full participation from attendees. Ideas shared and topics discussed during the ITSM workshops, are intended to be utilized wherever possible within your business or organization. 

Industry Panel Discussion:


Caroline Macintosh

Industry Expert:

John Moore

Christian Probst


Alian Tremblay

Jason Bergeron

Tracy Finder Trask

Jen Mendyk

Paul Vos

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