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Documents posted by the Montreal branch

Please find below a listing of itSMF- and ITIL- related documents. You must be logged into the system to download these documents.

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" Much ado about documentation – artifacts or assets ? "
This presentation will provide you with a perspective on how you can effectively create and drive ITSMprocess improvements and road maps through something as trivial as documentation, especially in largemulti-national corporations (i.e. MNCs). The presenter will provide several perspectives on why documentsare needed intrinsically? What value do they bring? How can they be used collectively and effectively? Arethey mere artifacts or organizational assets?
PDF 2486k 2016-Apr-25
"Lean IT: A quantitative approach for an ITSM with economic value added"
Presentation : IT Service management involves taking several decisions in a context of risk and uncertainty : • What problems should be solved? • What level of investment is justified for an improvement initiative? • What process should we implement next? • How will a process impact customer satisfaction? • How many people should be at the service desk? • And more...
octet-stream 2323k 2016-Mar-29
"Why you should design a CMDB blueprint first ? Simplified and practical steps for building a CMDB Blueprint for a successful implementation"
Setting realistic expectations, managing project scope, and delivering timely value are challenges that cause over 50% of CMDB projects to fail at the start. During the initial phase you need to discuss and document a common understanding of the detailed requirements for implementing the CMDB at your company, which will set the scope and help drive the project timeline going forward. Presented by Mr. Hichem Guemiri.
unknown 5343k 2016-Jan-28
Gestion des actifs de services et des configurations (SACM) - cas vécu à Radio-Canada
An organization can be fully effective or efficient only if it manages well its assets, in particular the assets which are essential to the proper functioning of the activities of the organization. We will see : • The 5 phases for its realization • The 2 key players for its implementation • The 2 main processes • An example of service architecture • A link to Change Management
unknown 2006k 2015-Oct-21
Business Relationship Management as a Role, a Discipline, and an Organizational Capability
In today world many challenges rose from the miscommunication between the Business and the Service Provider (i.e. IT). In many organizations, those two entities have been seen as rivals than partners. The BRM sits between the Business and the Service Provider to help ensure convergence of business value, priorities, timely escalations, and powerful communications deliveries. The BRM role focuses on the business customer and realized business value. BRM competencies can be leveraged through organizational roles, a discipline, and an organizational capability.
unknown 2268k 2015-Sep-25
Passport to change: Breaking the Mold
Ms. Merling Sapene will present a case study of the journey of the Bombardier Manufacturing System project. It has been a great success to earn the right for the passport to change and to be recognized as the team in the whole organization that can lead/deploy such a key business initiative. Throughout the presentation, Ms. Sapene will share her experience of managing change while standardizing Processes and Methods across all sites and business units, and simultaneously creating a training and marketing program for the Bombardier Manufacturing System.
PDF 1429k 2015-Jun-07
Une nouvelle norme en service TI ‘plus facile’, un net avantage pour les très petites organisations (TPO) Québécoises
Il n’y a pas de normes internationales vraiment facilement accessibles aux très petites organisations (TPO) Québécoises (25 personnes et moins) car elles comportent, comme ITIL et ISO/CEI 20000 trop d’exigences face aux ressources limitées des TPO. Il y a maintenant des normes pour les TPO en développement logiciel et en Systèmes et probablement en livraison de services TI, incluant un certificat en ‘Livraison de services TI’ (ISO/CEI 29110). Un groupe de spécialistes Canadiens ainsi que d’autres pays travaillent à l’adoption de cette norme. Déjà des TPO à travers le monde se disent disposées à mettre en place certaines de ces exigences.
force-download 1080k 2015-May-07
Le logiciel libre, le dilemme du prisonnier et la revue Forbes
Le logiciel libre est encore largement méconnu et p ourtant il est une source d'innovation importante. P ourquoi en est-il ainsi ? Quelles sont les motivations du libre ? Est-il sécu ritaire ? Peut-il être utilisé dans les grandes orga nisations ? Comment les approches comme ITIL cohabitent avec le libre ? Pour comprendre la pertinence du dilemme du prisonn ier dans ce dossier,..
force-download 1564k 2015-Apr-14
Modelisation et Gestion par Service chez Desjardins
IT Service Management assists us in the modelling and the management by service. We shall see how ITSM was able to help with mandates and activities such as: - The governance and the maturity of the processes. - The planning of the portfolio. - Promising projects. - The ITIL management processes of service level, configurations, incidents and changes. And many others. Mr. Trung Quach will share with you this experience at Desjardins.
PDF 751k 2015-Feb-26
Le référentiel eTOM
eTOM is a model that is used to map all the processes of an organisation providing services. The tmForum has more than 600 corporate members worldwide, mainly enterprises offering telecommunication services such as Bell, Telus and Vidéotron, but also organisations like Ville de Montréal.
PDF 1358k 2014-Dec-03
Que font les TI ? Démontrer votre valeur à l’aide du Catalogue de service.
Most of people see the IT as a cost center mainly because they do not really know what IT are doing. Furthermore, most of people in IT do not know how to answer this simple question. A part of the answer is in the service catalog.
x-pdf 3479k 2014-Dec-03
La disponibilité des services TI
Le rôle principal des départements informatiques est de fournir de la valeur pour les unités d’affaires sous forme de services TI. On entend par valeur, la combinaison des fonctionnalités informatiques permettant d’automatiser et d’optimiser les processus d’affaires ainsi que des garanties assurant que ces fonctionnalités sont bien faites en termes de capacité, continuité, sécurité et surtout de disponibilité...
x-pdf 1527k 2014-Dec-03
Gestion de la valeur acquise
The presentation will provide an OVERVIEW of key elements that enable project tracking schedule. Presentation done by Mr. Guy Belanger
force-download 2773k 2014-Apr-23
itSMF Montréal: Il n'y a pas de sécurité sans visibilité !
Qu'est-ce que la visibilité de la sécurité? Cette expression, déjà bien ancrée dans le vocabulaire des responsables de la sécurité de l'information américains, est encore peu connue au Québec. Présentation faite par Monsieur Patrick Boucher
force-download 2259k 2014-Apr-20
itSMF Montreal - COBIT5 - Pourquoi devrais-je considérer cette méthode?
COBIT5 – Why should I consider this method? 1-Why do we need governance in IT? 2-The COBIT model – Then and now 3-What do we get with COBIT and why should I consider it? 4-The 3 levels of training – 2 paths 5-Question period
force-download 8316k 2014-Feb-25
itSMF Montreal: Gestion des changements et des mises en production : La réalité
Mr. Abécassis provide us with an insight into realistic approach to implement these two processes within the realm of IT service management.
force-download 918k 2014-Jan-13
« Normaliser le management des services TI »
The presentation will discuss the standardisation of the management of IT services and the role of the ISO/IEC 20000 standard in such a scenario. Presentation was done by Mr. Blaise OUAFA
force-download 1134k 2014-Jan-12
Comment la gestion du cycle de vie des actifs TI peut concrètement soutenir une démarche Éco-TIC ?
The implementation of an « Éco-TIC » approach within an enterprise is greatly simplified when the ITIL-based management of IT assets is already implemented. We will demonstrate this via 5 real - easy to implement - cases. Presented by Mr. Cyrille Maltot on 25th September 2013
PDF 1780k 2013-Oct-08
Le catalogue et les niveaux de services TI illustrés par l'exemple
Come and learn how to implement an IT service catalogue and services level agreements in your organisation. Presented by Mr. Adnane Ben Khalifa on May 1st, 2013
PDF 2205k 2013-Jun-07
Introduction to TOGAF®
What's in it for me? Presented by Mr. Steve Tremblay on May 22, 2013
PDF 8963k 2013-Jun-03
Réussir son architecture d’entreprise, petits pas par petits pas
Making sure that a whole enterprise shares a common vision such as an Enterprise Architecture (EA), is not as easy as one might think! Presented by Mrs. Chantal Paquin on March 27, 2013
x-pdf 3241k 2013-Apr-10
Comment organiser concrètement son inventaire d’éléments de configuration TI
Comment organiser concrètement son inventaire d’éléments de configuration TI : retour sur expérience en 10 étapes clefs. Presented by Mr. Cyrille Maltot on November 28th, 2012
PDF 781k 2012-Dec-06
La gestion des connaissances et la livraison des services
La gestion des connaissances et la livraison des services - Presented by Mr. Claude Gagnon on September 26th, 2012
PDF 3364k 2012-Oct-23
Introduction to TIPA
Introduction to TIPA - Presented by Mr. Steve Tremblay on March 21th, 2012
PDF 8668k 2012-Mar-22
Reboot IT Service Management
Presented by Mrs. Eveline Oehrlich (Hubbert) on February 29th, 2012.
PDF 3370k 2012-Mar-01
IT service Catalog through a case study
Presented by Mr. Adnane Ben Khalifa & Mr. Jean-Claude Beaudry on December the 1st, 2011.
PDF 1426k 2011-Dec-07
New international standards for very small software organizations
Presented by Mr. Claude Y. Laporte, ing., M.Sc., M.Sc.A, Ph.D on October 26th, 2011
PDF 2184k 2011-Oct-27
Process automation from start to finish through a IT Services case study
Presented by Mr. Rémy Tzaud and Mr. Fabrice Meichtry on September 21st, 2011
PDF 1518k 2011-Sep-28
How to adopt ITIL in the context of outsourcing: 7 Pitfalls
Presented by : M. Jean-Claude Beaudry , May the 25th 2011
PowerPoint 850k 2011-May-29
The IT Governance and COBIT
Presented by : Réal Rousseau , April the 27rd 2011
PDF 6218k 2011-May-25
A maturity assessment...Are you ready ?
Presented by : Claude Gagnon and Johanne L'Heureux March the 23rd 2011
PDF 1770k 2011-Apr-13
Cloud Computing
Presented by: Régent Vaillancourt Wednesday, the 23trd of february 2011
PDF 1495k 2011-Mar-09
Process modeling tools
Presented by Lianne Hurtubise and Yves St-Arnaud, november 25th 2010
PDF 3039k 2010-Dec-01
Introduction to Agile development approaches
Presented by M. Beauregard - itSMF Montreal September, 22nd 2010
PDF 1227k 2010-Sep-27
The withdrawal of ITIL© V2 and ITIL© V3 highlights
Presented by Mrs. Johanne L'Heureux - itSMF Montreal May 27th, 2010
PDF 910k 2010-Sep-01
CMDB and configuration management (french)
Presented by Sylvie Charron and Cyrille Maltot - itSMF Montreal Apr 21 2010
PDF 1163k 2010-Apr-30
Introduction to USMBOK-v3
Presented by Stephen Goulet - itSMF Montreal November 18th 2009
PDF 4531k 2009-Nov-22
Managing Information Security Incidents
Presented by Mr Benoît H.Dicaire - itSMF Montreal October 27th 2009 workshop.
PDF 1890k 2009-Oct-30
The integrator an unknown role
Presented by Mr Daniel Dutil - itSMF Montreal September 24th 2009 workshop.
PowerPoint 59k 2009-Oct-20
ISO 20000: The quick path to obtaining the certification
Presented by Mrs. Isabelle Perron - itSMF Montreal June 9th 2009
PDF 779k 2009-Jun-16
Value Based Management
Presented by Mrs. René-Claude Lafontaine - itSMF Montreal May 20th 2009
PDF 929k 2009-Jun-16
ITIL and information security
Presented by Mrs. Véronique Olivier - itSMF Montreal March 30th 2009
PDF 721k 2009-Apr-22
Essential of ITIL in 50 minutes
Presented by Réal Rousseau - itSMF Montreal February 23rd 2009
PDF 3337k 2009-Mar-23
IT productivity and the Toyota Production System
Presented by Mr Patrick Bilodeau - itSMF Montreal January 27th, 2009 workshop
PDF 175k 2009-Mar-10
Health check and optimization of IT services
Presented by Mr Guy Plante and Mr Daniel Francoeur - itSMF Montreal September 24th 2008 workshop
PowerPoint 6845k 2008-Sep-29
CMDB 1.0
Presented by Frédérick Coutret - itSMF Montreal June 6th 2008 workshop
PDF 1703k 2008-Jun-17
Knowledge Management
Presented by Jean-Claude Beaudry - itSMF Montreal May 13th 2008 workshop
PDF 460k 2008-May-14
ISO 20000 et chaine de valeur TI - 2008-040-25
PDF 420k 2008-Apr-28
Introduction to itil v3
Presented by Renée-Claude Lafontaine - itSMF Montreal March 26th 2008 workshop
PDF 4908k 2008-Apr-23
The IT Lifecycle using a Sustainable Developpment approach (In French)
Presented by Cyrille Maltot - itSMF Montreal February 12th 2008 workshop
PDF 4707k 2008-Mar-26
Comment garder le momentum
Presented by Yves St-Arnaud: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 903k 2008-Feb-17
ITIL V2 vs V3
Presented by Sandra Simpson: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 429k 2008-Feb-17
Strategic Lens to View the Service Lifecycle
Presented by Robert Serberns: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 1392k 2008-Feb-17
Implantation de la gestion des incidents : HSCM - 10 conseils pratiques
Presented by Pierre L'Amoureux: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PowerPoint 13k 2008-Feb-17
Practical CSI
Presented by Pierre Bernard: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 804k 2008-Feb-17
Comment me débarrasser de mon consultant: recette d'implantation 101
Presented by Patrick Bilodeau: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 13k 2008-Feb-17
Gestion des services des pas vers une meilleure prestation
Presented by Marie Crevier and Alain Juneau: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 208k 2008-Feb-17
Gestion des TI avec ISO 20000
Presented by Marc Taillefer: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 135k 2008-Feb-17
137 ISO 20000 itSMF Montreal A final
Presented by Marc Taillefer: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 134k 2008-Feb-17
Service Desk implantation, utilisation en gestion de projet et le nouveau cadre de travail ITIL V3
Presented by Lyne Jubinville: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 963k 2008-Feb-17
Faire affaire en ti d'un point de vue
Presented by Lyne Bouchard: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 1052k 2008-Feb-17
Industry impact of ITIL V3 BMC AND ITIL
Presented by Loucas Saites: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 2168k 2008-Feb-17
ITIL et les outils
Presented by Joanne L'Heureux: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 136k 2008-Feb-17
A Service catalogue driven by multiple needs
Presented by Jean-Claude Beaudry: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 952k 2008-Feb-17
ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme -The Latest Word
Presented by Heather Cockerline: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 274k 2008-Feb-17
Otage d'un projet
Presented by Dominic Pion: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 190k 2008-Feb-17
Improvisation mixte2
Presented by Dominic Pion: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 55k 2008-Feb-17
Démarche ITIL dans une commission scolaire
Presented by Denis Bessette: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 236k 2008-Feb-17
Software asset management
Presented by David Déry: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 332k 2008-Feb-17
Le cycle de vie des TI
Presented by Cyrille Maltot: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 1746k 2008-Feb-17
Practical Continual Service Improvement
Presented by Claude Bédard: Montréal conference, November 13th 2007
PDF 540k 2008-Feb-17
La mondialisation du marché des TI: menaces ou opportunités?
Présentation du mardi 19 juin 2007 par M. François Coallier
PDF 1271k 2007-Jul-02
Otage d'un projet: Présentation d'un outil de sensibilisation aux bonnes pratiques
Présentation du mardi 22 mai 2007 par M. Dominique Pion.
PDF 581k 2007-Jun-06
The new standard for managing IT services, ISO/IEC 20000 !
Presented by: Marc Taillefer, senior partner, QualITi7 at the CRIM, Montréal, April 10th 2007
PDF 149k 2007-Apr-28
Introduction au nouveau modèle du CMMi pour les services Les bonnes pratiques rassemblées en 5 niveaux de maturité
Présentation du mardi 27 mars 2007, par Alain April
PDF 682k 2007-Mar-29
Montreal Branch finally meets its English community!
Presentation of the 2006-2007 board and participants Overview of ITIL® and itSMF Exchange and questions
PDF 510k 2007-Mar-22
Une nouvelle définition d’un service TI sérieux et complet?
La norme ISO/CEI 20000 présenté par Marc Taillefer à l’itSMF Montréal le 27 février 2007
PDF 387k 2007-Mar-02
Méthode d’amélioration des services de TI, basée sur ITIL, dans les entreprises québécoises, conférence du 5 décembre 2006
Projet de maîtrise présenté à l’École De Technologie Supérieure par Yves B. Desfossés
PowerPoint 1068k 2006-Dec-23
Présentation du 10 octobre 2006, Les rôles et responsabilité à l'intérieur des processus ITIL
Astuces pour bien définir les rôles et responsabilités à l’intérieur des processus ITIL (RASCI), présentation de Sylvie Trudeau
PDF 511k 2007-Mar-23
itSMF Charte de la section de Montréal v 1.8
Montreal Branch Charter (french only)
PDF 71k 2006-Dec-18
Document de présentation Conférence du 18 octobre 2005
"Démythifier la CMDB" - Johanne L'Heureux
PDF 102k 2005-Oct-22
Montreal branch logo
pjpeg 21k 2005-May-17
May 10 conference - Keynote 2 - Bonne gouvernance et gouvernance des TI (Fr)
Authors: Nicolas Goulet and Pierre Lapointe
PDF 940k 2005-May-18
May 10 conference - Session A1 - ITIL, CMMI, CobiT et quoi encore! Un survol (Fr)
Authors: Gilles Crête, Daniel Dutil, Marc Taillefer
PDF 945k 2005-May-31
May 10 conference - Session A2 - ITIL, on plonge et on se mouille! (Fr)
Author: Ivan Kristo
PDF 871k 2005-May-16
May 10 conference - Session C2 - ITIL and BS15000 at Domtar (Fr)
Author: Domtar
PDF 1600k 2005-May-30
May 10 conference - Session C1 - Financial and Configuration Management at RRQ
Author: Guy Bourassa
PDF 929k 2005-Jun-03
May 10 conference - Session B2 - Incident Management at Ville de Montréal (Fr)
Author: Anne-Marie Lachambre
PDF 4821k 2005-May-16
May 10 conference - Session B1 - ITIL processes and IT Project Management (Fr)
Author: Daniel Marion
PDF 569k 2005-May-16


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