Webinar: Why and How to Use Visual Models to Collaboratively Scope Service Change

Speaker: Louise A. Harris, CMC Digitization is driving increasing service renovations along with rapid implementation of new services -> Service change is becoming more innovative and collaborative. Client expectations and cost pressures are driving growing service integration -> Service change is becoming more complex.  Continue reading

Feb 22: itSMF AB (Edmonton): ITSM isn’t about Value (or it would be called Value Management!)

Is ITSM the vision? Are we struggling to get business engagement because we set our sights too low?Join John Krogh for an engaging conversation about what leading organizations are doing differently.  Come and join the conversation about Value, Services, Assets, Relationships, Risks and Red Wine! Continue reading

GTR - REGISTER NOW - Feb 14 - Lessons Learned from Cloud ITSM implementations

The rapid change in consumer behavior coupled by the changes in workforce communication is accelerating the need to transform IT, while simultaneously reducing the risk and cost of implementing change. However, challenges arise because organizations often lack the governance structure to manage the profound differences in deploying cloud-based platform initiatives. Continue reading


No matter what path you choose to the take, traditional, cloud or hybrid cloud, the question will come up as to how relevant traditional ITSM practices are to your organization. This presentation will review the key components of ITSM that relate to the ever increasing world of cloud computing. Continue reading

OG - Register Today - Feb 1 - Elevate your organization to reach the cloud!

KPMG will discuss key findings on “digital” from our renowned Harvey Nash survey.  Explore key benefits, challenges, and lessons learned concerning Cloud transformation. Discover KPMG’s Powered IT – a proprietary asset with an “out-of-the-box” framework in ITSM engagements. Continue reading