Webinar: Why and How to Use Visual Models to Collaboratively Scope Service Change

Speaker: Louise A. Harris, CMC

Digitization is driving increasing service renovations along with rapid implementation of new services -> Service change is becoming more innovative and collaborative.

Client expectations and cost pressures are driving growing service integration -> Service change is becoming more complex. 

New tools and methods are being developed to enable innovative, collaborative, and integrated service design. But, regardless of whether you are using these new tools (e.g. customer experience maps, service blueprints, design sprints) or more traditional tools and methods, there is one increasingly critical success factor. Everyone is on the same page as to the benefits and scope of the service change. In other words, everyone is planning and designing against a common reference point of WHY and WHAT.

In this webinar we will discuss

  • Why a common reference point for service change design and planning is so critical.
  • What are the greatest challenges in achieving a common reference point.
  • How using appropriate visual models can address these challenges and enable you to effectively define a common reference point with agility and speed.

The discussion will be illustrated with visual models used in real life service enhancements and renovations. In the spirit of collaborative learning, there will be opportunity for interaction and questions throughout the session.

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